रविवार, 26 सितंबर 2010


Impossible” word is in the dictionary of fools,
But “possible” makes you the one who rules.
Ruling the hearts,
Should be there on our parts.
We all are snoring,
& Making our life too boring.
Now it’s the time to open our eyes,
& Seeing our nature that has no price.
Lets knock the hearts of the people around,
& Make our relations a bit more sound.
Love is present in every heart,
& The need is to take out but its an art.
This art is not so laborious & tough,
That can make our hearts this much rough.
But still we’ll not bother if anything is going round,
As we all have to go in our sound.
We don’t have concern with anything at all,
As we all have become a heartless ball.
For loving everyone we don’t have time,
& This is not less than a serious crime.
Lets think my dears-is this right?
& Can we expect that we’ll get God’s graceful light.
Now my mind is getting a bit non-plussed,
That my message will remain with you or soon get flushed.
I believe my friends! You’ll not make me gloom,
But you’ll stand up & make your love bloom.

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