सोमवार, 21 फ़रवरी 2011


just few dayz back while going through my photo album wid my best half anchal she made me notice one really wonderful thing about me.. every photograph i looked so different.. even if the two photos were taken in 2 consecutive dayz.. it surprised me at the beginning bt i realised this is how i am..  my mind changes every momnt.. everyday its a NEW SWATI.. my mind jst dnt want to be stale.. new nd fresh with daily new gossips.. new issues .. new stories to make.. new people to think about.. new reasons to be so happy.. new reasons to be cuddly and hug whoever is around me.. its just so new.. so fresh.. !! so i can never get bored with myself.. even if i have nobody to talk to.. i start talking to myself.. nd its fun!! try it guyz u will love it!! and hence it looked so boring to see my blog like this for so many dayz i startd writing any bekar faltu idea.. even though i know that nobody would read it ;) at least for now!! So sorry for wasting your time as i jst wanted entertain myslf :D..

बुधवार, 2 फ़रवरी 2011

Straight From Heart

Inside every adult a small baby lies,
Clinging on to the mother’s bosom his whole world relies.

A little fascination but more of fear indeed,
On seeing the outer world, would we be able to lead.

This heart cant understand this world so queer,
They consider an 18 year small child ready to smear!!

This phase is making this child ambiguous today,
An ambitious dreamer moving ahead & a lil bird in nest who wanna stay.

This wont stay for long this child knows,
Will have to choose one path, heading on his toes.

Every bird learns to fly, we would also do,
& become a part of the sky so vast so blue…….