रविवार, 26 सितंबर 2010


People celebrate on occasions,
With some stupid intentions.
Whole year depression,
Under some suppression.
Life becomes boring,
Without any scoring.
People are born,
To just scorn.
World is becoming humanity-ill,
With the question how to fill the unity-refill.
People who involve in wars are the biggest fools,
With the stupid intention that they’ll someday rule.
Living here is just like hell,
With no ringing of the mind’s bell.
People suicide- the fool’s task,
With lots of reasons to be ask.
Person who is selfless,
Is the one who is helpless?
Collective efforts will do something,
In removing the root cause of everything.
World is having nobody perfect,
But constructive efforts will make some effect.
Time to ring the bell of the mind,
For making the solution to be find.

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