शनिवार, 19 मार्च 2011


Today i wanna tell you a tale,
of no kings and queens but of a beautiful sail....

In the womb, an existence protected,
could feel the love outside so deep,
a beautiful angel was waiting eagerly
for a teddy bear in her arms she could keep.

Her wait was over,she held me firm,
showered all her love for her lil sister
made her world so beautiful so colourful
all became she her guide, her friend, her mentor. 

Singers and dancers in the bathroom they became together,
all the games and pranks they together played,
saved each other from ma's anger,
the fatty health they together made.

But a grudge remains in the lil one's heart
when aloo k paranthe they together ate
why did the angel kept her baby cute
and herself lost so much of weight???? :( :(

The girl's the most luckiest indeed,
as she grew up in the shelter of an angel's arms...
of the smallest things the angel took care
and the healing touch that is so warm..............

The angel's smile can cure all your diseases
her embracing arms smoothens everything
your littlest of desires she can fulfill

and make you happy to dance and sing!!!! :) :)

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